Memories of watching her aunties sewing as a child and adorning themselves in beautiful fabrics still inspire Porirua fashion designer Taga (Fa’aolataga) Chad Kome.

The founder of fashion label ‘Moo.dy’ is known for her quirky style which she describes as “Fun with a twist of elegance and streetwear”. From glitter jumpsuits and retro suits for men to custom overalls for kids, Taga says she’s definitely inherited her aunties’ fashion DNA.

“I think of fashion design as creating a piece of art on a human body” says Taga. “I want to touch people’s lives by using fabric to inspire their day and help them shine as an individual.”
Taga will be showcasing her latest designs at this year’s Pacific Fusion Fashion Show to get a foot in the fashion industry door. Her biggest challenge has been staying on task and keeping herself motivated.

“I love exploring the endless fashion choices out there and stepping outside of the box¨” says Taga. “Clothing gives you the freedom to be yourself and to be comfortable with how you present
yourself without seeking anyone’s permission.”

Case in point; her ‘Junkyard Junkies’ project from last year – inspired by retro vintage fashion. The bold, colourful menswear range included suits in hot pink, purple, velvet and brown/yellow polka dots with matching trousers & cargo shorts.

“Moo.dy finds inspiration from the past and the present, the bright and the colourful, the old and young, and the weird and different” says Taga. “Where people might see ugly and strange, we envision beauty. Rocking your own sense of style is a personal statement. So our message is be risky. Stand out and be bold.”