Not quite like a movie but it’s all LIVE action happening here.

Before we get into that, let me take you through our team journey. For the past 6 months, we have organised smooth running of the designer call out and the model casting call to working together with the Otara Business Association team, Rana, Shaun, Joseph and Constable Piho to get the Otara Town Centre ready for our show.

Come show day, it’s all GO! We have sectioned each area out from the hair and makeup team getting models ready, to designer stations prepping outfits, to models moving from area to area, then to ensuring our suppliers have set up all connections for power, lighting and sound, setting up seating arrangements and we can’t forget the food and WINE being delivered for our guests.

It’s certainly going to be a full-on day and our operations team is ready and raring to go to ensure the smooth running of the day.

From one check list to the other our operations team is behind the scenes continuing to work closely with our Director Nora Swann. We will be easy to spot as we will have our communication headpieces on, rocking our clipboards and turning on our great BIG smiles! Feel free to wave at us and say “Hi!”

Who are we? We are: Daphne Fineaso, Sherry Lunjevich, Zach Satiu, Lepa Toleafoa and me Faaiu (Fai) Seumanutafa, Opetations Manager.