Afa Ah Loo

Afa Ah Loo is a self-taught, self-made fashion designer, originally from Samoa and now based in the USA. His aesthetic is mostly women’s evening wear and bridal but he also designs resort, urban street wear, and men’s wear. 

By Karen Abdul

Karen Abdul-Rahman, Melbourne based designer of the brand By Karen Abdul, has a true passion for all things couture. The talent she has been blessed with has led her to design and bring to life beautiful dresses that make you feel every part as stunning and confident as the gown itself.


Layplan is a collaborative project between Lavinia Mafi and Talia Betham. Originally formed in 2013, Layplan was a way for its founders to express creativity and build on skills they had gained while studying. Lavinia and Talia feel it is important as emerging designers to encourage integrity and stress the significance of self worth among young women.


MaugaLui is the creation of two professional women who have worked in Samoa and travelled the world for business to represent Samoa and the Pacific. However there was a gap in the fashion industry for appropriate attire that was both professional and modern, with more edgy Samoan and Pacific influences.

Momo Girl

Momo in Maori means type, variety, kind or race; Momo Girl/Boy represents being empowered to be your own person, follow your heart and wear it your way!  We make ethnic New Zealand made fashion with an ‘out of the box attitude’.


Numia is heavily influenced by music and various sub cultures. The brand’s creative appeal is drawn from an appreciation of style, quality & functionality. In a stereotypical society, Numia remains fluid & creates its own distinct image, limiting itself to no boundaries.

PoMahina Designs

Kanoelani Davis is a Native Hawaiian Graphic Artist. She draws her inspirations from her surroundings, weaving in natural elements, patterns and layers that embrace & intertwine with the work of her kupuna (ancestors). Kanoelani is also a Kumu Hula (Hula Teacher), a mother, an educator, and activist. She stands strong in the preservation of her culture and natural resources. She continues to traverse the realm of Po and it is seen in her artistry and work.


From a young age ‘Sheenz’ developed a love for art and fashion. Her artistic creativity derived from her father and mother’s appreciation for textiles and sewing.  Like most young people, life led her down a different path but after a career in administration, a husband and three children, she felt something was missing – her love for art.

Unufe Designs

Amelia Unufe discovered her fascination for designs and merging cultural creations with modern styles during her high school years. She got her degree in fashion and design and slowly began to build up her business before launching her fashion label ‘Unufe Designs’.

VAB Designz

VAB Designz is an NZ fashion brand that will cater to full figured females. They aim to deliver a fierce fashion line that changes frequently in style also enhancing targeted areas. Their goal is to help plus size women feel confident and comfortable in what they wear.

Young Lualua

My creativity stems from all parts of who I am. It is what provides me with the drive and determination to cater to a person’s image and enhance the beauty and body that they have. My culture is the essence that defines my rich heritage and the respect and honour I have of holding a Chiefly title.