Tēnā tātou katoa,
Ko Tainui tōku waka
Ko Waipa tōku awa
Ko Kakepuku tōku maunga
Ko Te Kopua tōku marae
Ko Ngāti Haua tōku hāpū
Ko Ngāti Maniapoto tōku iwi
Ko Joel Eru Samuel tōku pāpā
Ko Cushla Waimarie Hughes tōku māmā
Ko Niquita Cindi Anna Samuel tōku ingoa

Tihei mauri ora!!!

I am an Eco Māori fashion designer. My kaupapa is “Old is the Brand New’, and my kāakahu (garments) are made from recycled garments, mixing textures and patterns to transform the garment – and all who wear them!  My collection includes moko kauae (Māori women facial tattoo) heru (hair comb) and patu (short club) jewellery that represents my own transformational journey to strength and mana as a single mother. I dream and create an exclusive form of design and unique style, showcasing my extravagant Maori inspired haute couture collection.


Proud Cook Islands’ born emerging Fashion Designer, Maggie Anitelea is the owner of self-titled label MAKKE.

Since childhood Maggie has loved all forms of Cook Islands’ cultural art, dance, language and fashion. Through bright, bold colours full of cultural patterns she creates comfortable and powerful garments with hard pleats, frills and drapery.

Her line this year is inspired by ‘Determination and Confidence’ and she is motivated to design garments that empower the individual.


Tulukava, Alimanisha and Rosa – three Polynesians with a passion for fashion starting out to excite the fashion industry with XTRABISH.

A body positive, confidence-lifting line focused mainly on plus sized women. Creating garments that say looking different or EXTRA is not a problem, it’s time to celebrate this! Positively influencing others by giving them confidence to look extra too!

A streetwear brand in nature – but taking this to the next level and releasing the XTRABISH waiting within.


Our vision is to turn OHN your inner confidence through the power of clothing. But not just any clothing our brand is based on streetwear but we push it to the edge.

Different shapes and sizes create non-traditional genderless wear that allows you to be you.

Whatever age or stage our line promotes self-love and self-confidence without having to conform to the norm! Inspired and created to celebrate being different!


The vision for my line is to bring runway fashion into everyday life. By creating garments with a street inspired style, people can pair them with pieces they have in their wardrobes and create inspired outfits.

Taking the usual and making it runway special! CNDA by Jacinda Prictor is wearable styling for those who want to push their style with ease.

Enhancing and lifting the confidence and mood of the wearer and giving that extra snap to their look.


Vai & Co was founded by Vai Tu’akalau and her daughter Chesta Fa’otusia and inspired by women and family.
The designs are deeply personal and they bring that to Pacific Fusion Fashion this year with pieces named and inspired by the women in their family, as the journey has been one shared by  the family.

Vai & Co reflects a generational love for design, honouring those who have gone before them and bringing a fresh approach to fashion. Vibrant evening dresses with an eye-catching play on colours and fabrics and a peek at some pieces showing new styles while staying true to who they are.


We are a team of three designers, bringing our love for design, fabric and creativity together to create the best “FOU FIT” for our customers. We design garments that cater to all body shapes and sizes. We infuse materials with mainstream pop for that everyday wear and feel.


NZSAF is a leading NZQA accredited Category 1 provider of fashion, jewellery, art and design programmes. NZAF is a place for people who want to make a difference in the creative world. Our graduates are capable of continuing a professional trade practice in a plethora of ways.


Samoan Designer, Sam Ioane Samau is a force to be reckoned with, inspired by his lived experiences and culture. MASC creates one off ready to wear garments that highlights the beauty of our Pacific Culture while also challenging society with its social constructs to set our pacific free from western fashion/beauty standards.

Launching his new collection “KOOLfOBS” at Pacific Fusion 2020, Sam focuses on pushing back on those societal pressures through enriching the style of our cultural attire (ie faitaga) and making it KOOL with an urban twist.

Encouraging  Pacific Island men to wear skirts as an option for their everyday wear and feel liberated and stylish. Shorts and pants are simply not enough!


Dane Dagger is a sustainable fashion brand with a bold design philosophy that creates fashion in a way that is highly considerate of humanity, social responsibility and reducing the environmental impact.

Made and designed in Wellington in the most sustainable manner possible and locally sourced. Dane Dagger constructs garments with an eco-fashion forward approach to couture/streetwear designs that embodies artistic and ecological craft.

Showing you don’t have to choose between looking good and doing good for your environment.


TAV was founded by Ellena Tavioni in 1987. Her vision was to create a truly Pacific Fashion brand inspired by its home in the Pacific, The Cook Islands.

Fashion that not only spoke proudly of its origins but was also a true pleasure to wear.

Specialising in resort wear, ready-to-wear and swimwear – created and made in the Cook Islands, and now sold internationally. A lucky few wear the Ellena Tavioni signature collection – crafted, bespoke gowns and garments for special occasions.

For TAV’s Pacific Island customers wearing TAV adds to their sense of self, proudly connecting them with their Island nations and their treasured culture. It is also a brand of status  ‘designer Pacific’.

For buyers of the resort collection TAV connects them to the warmth, beauty and tranquillity of the Pacific Islands – it is a symbol of summer. For all our customers TAV helps make a personal style statement and adds to who they are.

We know without our people we are nothing. We aim to give them confidence, unique style and comfort.


Sei Oriana Gift Shops initial focus was to expand the market for local manufacturers of products in Samoa, to be able to reach a bigger market in NZ subsequently becoming a gateway to Australia and the rest of world.

We have since extended our target to include other Pacific Islands, including Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands, Tahiti and Hawaii. We have a range of products that represent the different Pacific Island groups.

We also believe in supporting our local businesses and Pacific entrepreneurs in NZ. To date we have and continue to work with a large number of pacific business’s, sole traders and creative entrepreneurs by providing a platform to help promote their services and products.

When you shop at Sei Oriana, you are supporting grass roots communities, SME’s and local businesses here in NZ and the Pacific Islands.


From the beginning the focus at Tanoa was to engage local Samoan and Polynesian artists and designers to help develop and grow the products and the brand. Promoting the Polynesian heritage in a big city.

They create a variety of clothing items made and inspired by Polynesian people, Tanoa has something for everyone.

From casual street wear to formal wedding attire – the range caters to a wide selection of styles for our Pacific communities. “ Keeping it real” is the philosophy behind the brand, and can be seen in the styles and designs. Tanoa has grown to reach a large international audience but its heart will always be in the Pacific.